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Ask us to let your property and we’ll ask you to choose your service fee, we understand the rental market and therefore the subtle elements that sometimes gets neglected. We strongly believe every landlord client is to be treated as an individual whose asset investment must be protected.

As qualified professionals, all our clients are re-assured of our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail and reliability of service. In other words, we are passionate about our business and service standards.

Our estate agency have you covered for the following services:

  • Lettings Only (Non-managed Long Let)
  • Lettings Only (Non-managed Short Let)

We want our Landlords to unburden themselves from the worry of finding the right tenant for their property as we are here to look after your interest.

Our clients expect nothing short of professional competence.

This is where we are instructed by the Landlord to find tenants, arrange viewings, perform tenant referencing and draw up tenancy agreement. Our duty ends as soon as contracts are signed by the moving in tenant, keys are signed for and funds are transferred into landlords account.



Lettings Only (Non-managed Long Let) 7%
Lettings Only (Non-managed Short Let) 10%

This is where Landlord can request for other services related to the property or tenant move in. On request of landlord we can arrange following services:

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenant Referencing
  • Professional Photography of Property
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Keys Cutting
  • Check In / Check Out Inventory
  • Arranging Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)
  • Arranging Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Arranging Portable Appliance Test (PAT)
  • Arranging Energy Performance Certificate

A Zero Deposit Guarantee is an alternative to a traditional tenancy deposit. It provides the same level of financial protection and security to landlords, whilst reducing the upfront costs to tenants. With Zero Deposit, tenants will still complete their referencing checks as per the usual process and will remain wholly responsible for any financial loss or damage covered by their Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement.

If a landlord offers the choice of a Zero Deposit, tenants can choose between Zero Deposit and the traditional cash deposit. Zero Deposit still offers cover up to the value of six weeks' rent whereas under the Tenant Fee Act 2015 most tenant deposits will be restricted to the value of five weeks' rent only.


  • Speeds Up The Rental Process
  • Supports Accountable Tenant
  • Provides Security & Protection
  • Reduces Paperwork & Hassle
  • Helps To Attract A Wider Audience


Tenants Deposit Options:

One of the most expensive parts of moving into any rental property is the deposit, which is why here at Proper Genies we and our landlords offer a number of options to you.

Security Deposits
A traditional cash deposit costs the equivalent of 5 week’s rent. This money is held in a deposit scheme, so your money is protected. At the end of your rental period, the money is returned subject to any deductions you agree or the deposit scheme provider agrees we are owed.  We use DPS, one of the government-backed schemes.

Deposit Replacements
Deposit replacements are products that are designed to give you, as the tenant, more choice. Our landlords will accept a Zero Deposit Guarantee. You purchase the Zero Deposit Guarantee, which costs the same as one week’s rent, and this buys the landlord the same cover as a security deposit.

If there are any deductions Zero Deposit uses TDS, one of the government-backed schemes, decides what you are responsible for. Zero Deposit then pays the landlord and you pay Zero Deposit.

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