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Welcome to Zayan Properties Developer

We at Zayan Properties Developer are passionately dedicated to redefining the real estate industry and creating remarkable spaces that enhance and inspire people’s lives. We have developed a reputation as a dependable and creative developer because to our years of experience in the field. We are well-known for our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and client happiness.

Our Properties Amenities

Long-Term 5-Year Guarantee

The quality and craftsmanship of Zayan Properties Developer's construction projects are covered by a lengthy 5-year guarantee.

Commission-Free Management Services

Allows homeowners to maximize their rental income without deductions by not charging a management commission.

5-Year Management After Completion

Zayan Properties Developer offers an all-inclusive 5-year management package after the completion of the property.

Tension-Free Landlord Services

Takes over the management of the property, homeowners can rest assured that they become "tension-free landlords."


Zayan Properties Developer is renowned for its trusted workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Expert Tenant

Ensures that homeowners' properties are occupied by trustworthy tenants who will take care of the premises.

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Step into a world of contemporary elegance with our meticulously crafted apartments.


Discover your dream home with us! From cozy apartments to spacious family houses.


Find the perfect workspace for your business at our premium office locations.

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Commercial management

Expert commercial property management with an emphasis on optimizing revenues and reducing hassles.


Committed to enhancing property potential, renewing leases, and refurbishing spaces for a prosperous future.

Residential management

0% management fees, exemplifying transparency. Additionally, we cover up to £200 in expenses, alleviating financial concerns and ensuring a seamless experience.

Construction contracts

Dependable contractors and guarantees legal compliance to produce outstanding real estate projects that last.

Satisfied Clients
Property Sale
Property Rented

For Buyers

First-time homebuyers, house movers wishing to downsize or upsize their home, and investors searching for buy.

For Landlords

Our lettings service is designed to serve a variety of markets, working with both portfolio and small landlords.

For Vendors

We guarantee the greatest home selling experience with our professional and personable sales service.

For Tenants

Feel free to contact our staff as a Tenant if you are searching for your next move to rent an ideal house.


"I had an incredible experience working with Zayan Properties . Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are truly unmatched. They transformed my property into a modern and inviting space, exceeding all my expectations. I highly recommend Zayan for anyone seeking top-notch real estate services."


"Zayan Properties Developer made the lease renewal process a breeze for me. Their team was professional, prompt, and caring throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond to understand my needs and negotiate favorable terms. I'm thrilled to be a part of their community for another lease term."


"From the moment I stepped into my new apartment managed by Zayan, I knew I made the right choice. The residential management team is always responsive and friendly, making sure any issues are resolved promptly. Living here has been an absolute joy, and I can't recommend Zayan Properties enough!"


"As a business owner, finding the perfect commercial space was crucial. Zayan Properties not only provided an exceptional workspace but also handled the entire commercial management seamlessly. Their dedication to their clients and the ability to create an inspiring work ."


"Experience Excellence in Real Estate Today!"

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